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Talented’s happy home

INNOVATECH is  a communication terminal solution provider, Talent is the cornerstone of the company‘s growth. From the beginning of entrepreneurship, maintain  people-oriented, thirsty for talent, hope to create a platform for employees to achieve self-worth, INNOVATECH always been trying to become "wise man's paradise, honest people's home."

The Times bring heroes, no rule for the talented

INNOVATECH started entrepreneurship at the mobile phone industry into recession, we break the rule, believe that the times bring heroes although a lot of difficulties, through constant efforts and innovation, performance contrarian development, INNOVATECH has also been recognized by overseas brands.

We do not care about "education level“, but care about  "can create value." , We do not believe in "foreign monks will chant" ,more believe that "practical and realistic , local conditions talent can create miracles."

Work together to create a better future 

We hope that more responsible, competent and honest people come to INNOVATECH, to create value together and share value. Look forward to your joining! !

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