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·         Average monthly shipments of mobile solutions broke 2kk.



·         The distribution of WCDMA 3G product line was completed.

·         Oversea business bucked the trend and astonishingly developed.

·         The shipments of Spreadtrum platform solutions ranked top 3.

·         Onego BU was established and thus completed the distribution of mobile Internet terminals.

·         Monthly shipments of mobile solutions broke 2.5 million.

·         INNOVATECH became one of the TOP10 domestic IDH.



·         Oversea business developed rapidly. The shipments of MSTAR mobile phone solutions ranked top 3.

·         BU3 was established to complete the distribution of tablets.


·         The shipments of MTK 6235 Platform solutions were among the best.

·         BU2 was established, which completes the oversea market distribution.


·         INNOVATECH Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded

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